About Us

Granby Park, is an urban, ‘pop-up’ park in a currently vacant site in Dublin’s inner city. It is made from up-cycled, recycled, donated and found material and features some of the city’s most talented artists, architects, performers, planners etc. It will have an outdoor cinema, a theatre made by kids from palettes, an education zone, exhibitions, a play area, a café, art installations, and lots, lots more!

For the last two years Upstart have been working on our plan to develop this new project with the help and support from number people including Dublin City Council, planners, architects, landscape architects, designers, research and education groups and the local community. Everyone has given their time and services for free and everything we do is voluntary. We have the full support of Dublin city council and will be starting the reconstruction of the site in late July 2013.

Research and Evaluation

This project aims to measure and evaluate the processes and effects of the Granby Park project. Research and evaluation will be carried out by academics from TCD, UCD, DCU, DIT, NUIM, NCAD and other institutions looking at the project from perspectives including design, planning, art, play, happiness, music, drama, spoken word, landscaping, performance, project management, community, culture, city management and city identity. We currently have a number of researchers involved with the project but we welcome further expressions of interest, including information on the proposed area of research, to research@upstart.ie.


We are documenting meetings, plans and processes with a view to producing a record and toolkit at the end of the project. These items will stand as a lasting record of the project and as a roadmap for other groups interested in organising projects in similar spaces. The toolkit will outline how we have worked with authorities, companies, local groups and other agencies to bring the vision of the park to fruition. The toolkit will arm future groups with all the knowledge we have picked up along the way and steer them around the obstacles we have encountered during the project.

We are interested in working with documentary makers, photographers and media professionals or enthusiasts who could help with the documenting of the project and its processes. For further information please contact research@upstart.ie.

Granby Park Legacy

One of the aims of Granby Park is to inspire and facilitate the development of other creative
green spaces across Ireland. Granby Park was built with donations of plants, furniture & other
equipment, and Upstart now intends to donate these resources to other creative community

We are inviting submissions from interested groups to apply for the small and limited amount of
resources available. The amount we can give will be dependent on the number of
submissions/requests and on what resources we have available (i.e. the number of plants within
our disposal).

Please fill in Upstart Granby Park Legacy Submission with information on the nature of your project/proposal, the location, and how it relates to the Upstart Granby Park project.

Granby Park Legacy Submission form