Granby Grazer

Among all that will be on offer on Dominick Street Granby Park will also be bringing you a brand new Pop Up Restaurant, Granby Grazer.

Granby Grazer will be the place that will feed and nourish all of Granby Park. Through education and example the restaurant hopes to encourage healthy and clean eating to all who pass trough the park. It will promote the use of Irish and locally sourced produce and will work to support the local economy and community through trade and participation.

Constructed completely from scratch and collaboratively designed the venue will be an exciting and engaging space that will see to host different chiefs and restaurateurs and invite them to enhance the overall experience of Granby Park.

The restaurant will be a constant point of activity throughout the parks duration. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at low cost prices we hope to make this a culinary destination that will draw people to Granby Park. It will serve as place to sit, relax and take in all that is on offer in the Park, or as a place that will engage and excite!