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Well Hello Again Friends!

I am sorry about my delayed post. It’s been go go go…

UpStart is now just 2 weeks away from opening Granby Park, Dublin’s first pop up park (August 22nd – September 22nd, 2013). eeeEEEK! The weeks are whizzing by!

The digging and resurfacing of the park is underway as of last week. I was down on Monday for a meeting and its getting there, slowly but surely. It’s a huge site.. I think I may have underestimated the scale of this project! But, UpStart team, if you start to feel the pressure, just play this really cheezy hip hop song about digging and somehow, you just get back to the daily grind!!

The next 2 weeks are dedicated to getting on site, and building this beast of a park! Now, its about getting the aesthetic of the park right, However, a key focus for UpStart, is that the park is representative of the local people and that the park provides the community with what they want. So really trying to engage with that now.

A lot of hard work is happening behind the scenes from dedicated project managers, enthusiastic volunteers, and charismatic community folk. The media have really connected with the project and hopefully this is helping to get the word out, but you can’t beat a bit of word of mouth, so please tell all your family, friends and therapist to check out the park in 2 weeks time OR if you need a bit more info on all of this – click here.

Anyway, back to updating you kids, last week was a silly auld week, with work and my Granby Park artistic proposals. Both things, managed to keep me seriously preoccupied. The downfall of this preoccupation, was that I have been less hands on with Community engagement (*Slap on the wrists) but am back on track this week and hope to be out with Community early next.

As mentioned proposals were due last week, The art theatre and events project managers have received all applications and have selected works that is suitable for the park. (One of my projects has been selected- Hurrah! – I will provide further details on that, in my next post at weekend).

Inside scoop lads, if you’re still interested in submitting a theatre piece to perform in Granby’s amphitheater. You can still get in touch here. So if any of you Fringe fest folk want to continue your run in the park do get in touch or contact me directly with any questions.

Finally the most exciting development of Granby Park is the start of Trade School Dublin. Trade school is a self organized school where you barter for knowledge. Have a nifty skill to trade for those singing lessons you can’t afford? Then Trade School is for you!! I know I have put off so many workshops, classes and online courses because I can’t afford it. No longer should my bank account determine what knowledge I acquire once Trade school Dublin gets up and running! Check out more about how it works here!

As I said I will be updating again at the weekend, so till then amigos!

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