Granby Park’s Entertainment Programme will showcase the best in Irish arts, with events taking place in a giant amphitheatre space built from reclaimed wooden pallets, as well as in intimate, enclosed spaces in the park.

Granby Park will be host to special performances of live music, dance, theatre, comedy, and fantastic spectacle, as well as outdoor cinema screenings. The Entertainment Programme will be populated by multi-faceted, collaborative events with workshop tie-ins and community involvement. These curious, exciting and thoughtful shows will provide a unique experience for park visitors.

Saturday afternoons at Granby Park will have a carnival atmosphere, as established and up-and- coming music acts take to the stage in the amphitheatre, and the rest of the park provides the backdrop for a host of other entertainment events. Soak up some culture on Sunday afternoons in Granby Park, with theatre
performances and family-friendly frolics.

Granby Park will be a hub of arts events throughout the week, with cinema screenings, cosy acoustic gigs, poetry readings, intimate theatrical performances and surprise shows in the evenings; and occasional lunchtime concerts and other treats in the afternoons.