Granby Park Diary. Granby 公园日记


Here’s a few pics from the beginning of the whole project from another of our Roving Bloggers - Linying Zhu. Linying is also a park assistant volunteer. Volunteers tend to have many roles and help each other out.

Linying translated this post into her first language so the chinese community can enjoy reading about the Granby Park Stories.

It’s the launch of Granby Park tonight so it’s timely to see how people have transformed the space in less than 6 weeks.

The long awaited Granby Park will be unveiled this week and opened to the public. Are you looking forward to the exciting moment?

憧憬已久的Granby 公园今晚将要揭开它神秘的面纱、对外开放了。您是否无比期待这一激动人心的时刻呢?

During the past few months, a group of enthusiastic people has devoted their continuous inspiration, wisdom, and hard working to the construction project of Granby Park, which makes the opening possible. Sincere thanks to all of them!

过去几个月里,一群满怀热情的人们为Granby 公园付出了他们源源不断的灵感、智慧与辛勤劳动,使这个伟大的项目得以实现。诚挚地感谢他们!

Have you read the updates on our official website, Facebook page or Twitter? Do you know how much the vacant site has changed in such a short time? As the great work is nearly finished, let me take you to review the progress of Granby Park day by day, little by little in the latest two months.

您是否有浏览我们官方网站、Facebook或者Twitter主页的更新呢? 您知道,在这样短的时间里,这块荒地发生了多大的变化吗?在这个期冀已久的项目即将落成之际,让我领着您来回顾这两个月里,这块空地上所发生的点点滴滴变化吧!

11 July, the original look of empty wasteland. 


29 July, the building started!


1 August, new surface was laid down and the ground became much flatter.


2 August, sand was spread over the hardcore.


10 August, grass sods saved from a neighboring road construction were placed on it.


14 August, polytunnels were built up!


17 August, the park was nearly shaped!


20 August, the building is still going on!


Let’s count down and together enjoy the opening of Granby Park!

I believe you’ll have an exciting and amazing experience this summer from here!


All the above photos are taken from Upstart Facebook page. Thanks a lot for the resource!

以上所有图片来自Upstart Facebook主页。万分感谢其资源。

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