Granby Park


Here’s a great blog post from a blogger called Jools who is out there in the wild and wonderful blogsphere. Granby Park is getting a lot of attention and we love to highlight what people are experiencing and writing.

You can read more about her adventures on Jools blog Dancing With Dirty Feet  here.

Here’s how Jools describes herself:

Mama to five little birds. Going slowly and secretly delightfully crazy. Montessori teacher taking a long holiday. Freestyling Parent. Cool kids clothes lover. Tutu maker. Wine drinker. Eternal optimist. Love my fabulous friends. Eats real food mmm. Mess maker. Takes a lot of photos. Stay at home mama that doesn’t want to stay home :) A whole world to explore and see through babys eyes. Four of my birds now in big school leaving just me and baby Birdie to discover many new adventures. 

p.s we have Jools permission to use pics of her children. Read and enjoy this delightful post. We loved it in Granby Park Central.

We could hear it before we could see it. A hum of busy chatter, excited squeals of children and the bump bump of a hip-hop beat. As we turned a street corner deep in Dublin’s city centre it rose before us like an oasis of green goodness. High rise buildings surrounding us we were encapsulated by this visual delight. Completely oblivious to where we actually were we entered Granby Park like Alice into Wonderland. The smell and sound of the city far behind us as our senses were transformed by the strong woodland smell and the graffiti that bounced off the walls towards us.

The brainchild of many dedicated and creative people, Granby park is like a delightful feast for your eyes. A fantastic dream that became a reality. A labyrinth of little delights to explore. We climbed in and out and on top of everything. Looked at everything thing sidewards and upside down. There is even a Trade school tucked in there teaching all sorts of crafts and creations with classes daily.

Monsters to make roar. Mirrored houses to make funny faces in. A dream farm to water all the plants in. A little library right in the middle of the park to take time out and snuggle for a story. Sitting on a chair made of grass amongst the daisies. Breathtaking. Tyres to climb on and jump off. Sand to dig in and engineer wonderful ideas with the opportunity of all the pipes, tubes and tunnels provided. Future great little minds busy at work. Teepees to camp under. Wooden benches with room for plenty to picnic on. Grassy hills to roll down and flora and fauna abound to enjoy. A beautiful patch of true nature to relish right in the middle of the city.

As the evening came upon us a canopy of lamps and twinkling fairy lights lit the way in the twilight. The crowds gathered as the amazing creation of the wooden pallet amphitheater filled with the sweet sound of soul. Time for sleepy little heads to retire and let the grown ups play. Deliciously exhausted by the enchantments of the day. The only whispering tinge of sadness is that Granby Park is merely visiting us. A wonderland passing through the rubble. A lingering magical memory. Go and taste this wonderful little place before it becomes lost once more.