Guerrilla Gardening for Granby

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The Roving Blogger Team knows no boundaries and Selina McCarthy was out and about Dublin this week guerrilla gardening and getting the message about Granby Park into the streets – literally! This is also Selina’s first blog post EVER – so many congrats.

On Tuesday this week, the lovely Stu and I from the Upstart office got green fingered and tried our hand at gardening…. but with a difference.

image 1Armed with a carrier bag of compost, gardening gloves, a selection of plants, and the determination to get the Granby Park name out there, we took to the streets of Dublin to plant a little life in unexpected areas around the city.

image 2From cracks in the pavement, to broken bollards, and even the Molly Malone statue, we spread Upstart  love and joy around our fair city.


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image 7We encountered a lot of confused faces! But also lots of very interested passers-by. There were some very excited children, a pair of bemused barmen and we even got photographed by tourists – one of whom gushed “Irish people have the best ideas!” (Props to Amy and Stu!!!)

We hope it bought a little life to the city and a smile to peoples faces. And if any of our green babies survive, please feel free to water them…. or even sing to them

Peace and love,