Planting Flowers in Shoes! by Padam Padam


Granby Park is just around the corner.

Instead of putting up posters, I participated in a kid’s workshop today where we painted on shoes and planted flowers in them. I met Philip and Kate in front of UpStart office’s. We met with kids who live in the area aged between 5 and 12. The artist who came up with this amazing idea gave a speech to them; all kids were focused on her with brilliant eyes and big smiles! We gave them coloured paint and brushes and then we began to paint on shoes!

I complimented their work with ‘wows’ and told them I would like to buy their beautiful shoes and I helped spread glitter on the shoes with the kids. After painting, they put soil in the shoes and planted flowers in them. The outcome is more fabulous than what I had expected; they were lovely and adorable as all the kids are.

You can enjoy the amazing flowerpot in Granby Park next Thursday!




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