Street Art meets Granby


Mary is one of our amazing Granby Park Roving Bloggers and today she showcases more creativity in the park. You can read more about what Mary loves in Dublin on her blog here


This cool note installation caught my eye. Had a closer peek, before I went to check the impressive street and grafitti art by a talented army of artists taking over the walls this month in Granby. Loved this simple concept, pick a note write a message and attach it to the rows of strings. Really reminds me of Chiaru Shiota’s work where one installation of her’s was a stunning shower of red thread running form the wall down to a mound of shoes they were each attached to. Check it out here! :)  I’ll let you guys go down and see for yourself what these lovely anonymous notes by visitors say.

Really admired the street and graffiti art here today when i popped in.Great showcase of talent, colours. It really brings the park to life! I wasn’t able to catch names of the artists so it’d be great if anyone knows them, do drop me a note so I can add them : ) Advise you all to go down to the park and check the walls out, you’ll regret not going! Some more posts on the way so come back to check them out! Mary