The Great Granby


A lovely post from one of our Roving Bloggers  - Kate NicDhomhnaill

Anyone who made it down to the Granby Park launch last Thursday would have seen the formerly vacant Dominick Street site transformed into a marvelous pop-up park, complemented by an amphitheater, a dream farm, a café, a library, singing, dancing and lots more.

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I was down at the park stewarding for a while where I got chatting to a woman in her sixities.

She had grown up in the flats, where the park now stands, and had some personal stories to share. She had come with her younger sister and her husband. They began reminiscing about time past and as they moved towards the amphitheater, having pointed out where their home used to be, the woman explained how her sister and her husband had met as children on that very site, were childhood sweethearts despite her father chasing him off on numerous occasions, had their names penned all over the place and had ended up marrying. The couple were still together today and had come to re-visit their old quarters and to see the incredible work and imagination put in to building the park.

When places are left unused it means stories like this don’t often happen. When a building is boarded up or when a site is abandond, human experiences can be blacked out too.

Apart from having created a spectacular mix of curious outdoor installations, the folks behind the Park have breathed life into an idle space and have brought vibrancy back to the corner lot, which was otherwise left dispirited and desolate. They have re-populated this spot with living, talking, eating people, who, I think, will have plenty of wonderful stories to tell about the Park.

Over the next four weeks the place will be alive again and new Granby stories will be popping up everywhere, so let’s try and collect as many as possible!