The Ultimate Target Of The Granby Park by Padam Padam


Today, I dropped by this empty place of the Granby park where the festival will be held. There were some fork cranes operating to prepare the events. I cannot imagine how the park can be popped up in such a deserted place!!

Anyway, I went to meet Gabriel and Samya, who are currently participating in the international community part, in the afternoon. Their main goal is to host international people as many as possible and to revitalize the community through the events. These two friendly guys from Brazil provided me a lot of informations about this place with speaking in fluent English.

1. Show the potential capability of creating something out from nothing.
2. Revitalize the local community
3. Highlight the social issue of this area

The most attentionable one is #3, of which is concerned the issue of huge apartments built in a row; the foundation of this apartment is so weak that it occurs lots of problems, such as quakes of the ground and corrosion of the buildings.

So, the government schemes to bulldoze all of them, thereby justifications for local improvement and stablization, but in reality, infringements to the rights of those who are residing in their.

I can not help recalling one social issue that South Korean society has experienced a little while ago; the administration of pres. Chun, Doo-hwan undertook to destroy the poor and hillside villages in order to build new fancy buildings for reasons of preparation to the Olympic games in 1988.

While the government later compensated residential entitles to those who had been dwelling in those villages, another issue was aroused in terms of the government’s undemocratic encroachment to the basic rights of citizens.

Eventually, the Olympic was successful; however, there is one undeniable realization that it was such a huge tragedy for some people at the same time.

I wonder how this local issue would attract attentions from the social community after this festival is over.

Tomorrow, There will be a formal meeting at UpStart office.
I’m gonna post after that again!

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