Trade School

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Trade in school for something fun instead. Granby Park’s “Trade School” programme will encompass unique talks, workshops and tours for adults and children. Visitors to the park participating in our Trade School events are invited to soak up the natural world, learn about inspiring ways of thinking; develop new skills; and meet awesome people.

Find out more about the secret world around you at our talks about local wildlife, or find out more about other worlds around you by exploring the universe at our astronomy events. Indulge your creative side at our unique workshops in photography, painting, drawing, printing, creative writing and more. Our inspiring talks on Big Ideas will scintillate your brain with innovative thinking and modern philosophy.

Learn new skills or discover a new hobby at our introductory courses to a variety of craft, DIY, and gardening pursuits. Children and adults alike can tap into their hidden talents in our music and dance workshops, being run by a host of Ireland’s boldest and brightest musical talents. Escape the hustle and bustle of the big city at one of our afternoon wellbeing seminars, or outdoor yoga classes. Soak up some culture at our expert talks about local history and literature.

We’ll also be running educational activities in Irish and other languages; and host fun English classes for non-native speakers. The Education Programme is being run by Trade School Dublin, a non-traditional learning model where students can barter with teachers in exchange for knowledge or skills, and where everyone can be a teacher.

Barter does not mean haggling or bargaining. It simply means the social exchange that takes place when you offer someone an object, some advice, or a new skill in exchange for their knowledge. To register to teach you can click on the “register to teach” link on the home page or go directly to teacher info on Trade School. To register you need to add a little information about your class, about you, your barter request items (e.g. food, supplies, advice or appreciation) and then select a date and time. We are looking for people to add one class so that we can have as diverse a range of classes.

To join a class you click on the classes listed on the homepage and add your details.