Volunteer Groups at Granby


Selina is one of our great Granby Park Roving Bloggers and she brings a story of volunteers from the private sector who helped in the park.

In Selina’s own words – an introduction to herself 

I’m a member of the Granby Park office team, working on the admin and finance side of things. I’m also a blogger and volunteer group coordinator. I love surfing, twister ice-pops, ridiculous sunglasses and giraffes. 

selina pic

Last week we had two awesome groups of Volunteers come and join us in planting and building the park. On Tuesday we had the staff from Marks and Spencer, and on Friday we had the Accenture group.

I was there on Friday to witness the work and the craic that Accenture got up to (despite the rain – Respect!).

They kindly donated plant and herbs to us, so when they arrived on site, Donal didn’t waste any time in getting them to get their hands dirty. They planted 3 pallets full of herbs (which you can see in the last picture). These herbs are now being used in our park cafe, the Granby Grazer.


Then they spent the afternoon taking part in what I now firmly believe should be an olympic sport – Path Building.

Funnyman Richie from our building team had the group flinging rubble and sand from their shovels in all directions. But this was not a simple as it may sound. Reminiscent of a game of Hurling, he had the group perfecting their technique. “ Bend your knees!”, “put your back into it!” “That was more of a ‘lob’ then a ‘fling’ try again there”. I’m not sure who won but the path was built and the craic was definitely had!


If you are interested in volunteering at the park , with your company or as an individual, you can register your details here