Wish List

Granby Park really is the true definition of a ‘people’s park’. Nearly everything inside the park has been offered in kind by people from all over Ireland. If you’d like to help out in anyway, then we still have a wish list of items below needed for Granby Park.

For the Garden

We need lots and lots of plants, herbs and trees AND materials to build the park! If you have any of them, or any leads on where we can get them donated, please email Richard ‘The Procurement Kid’ Jolly.


Build Materials

Plywood, PAINT, Water Butts, A Welcome Desk, Tarpaulin, Scaffolding and High-vis clothing

Restaurant Materials

Fridges, Sinks, ALL Kitchen Equipment, tables, chairs, fire-extinguishers, kitchen-counters, a Till – anything else you can think of!

Kids’ Area

Out-door table-tennis, 40 small buckets and small spades, bike-racks

Sound and Gigs Equipment

Amps, sound-desks, extension leads!